The benefits of Shooting in RAW.

Normally when anyone starts using a DSLR camera, the format that the photos are done are in JPEG. When I got my camera, the first thing I did was switch the format to RAW. To a lot of people that have been shooting in JPEG, that move is extremely scary. Why, you ask? Well they are familiar with what a JPEG file is gonna look like. Shooting in RAW, just like learning how to shoot in Manual Mode is very intimidating. But since I started using a RAW file from the beginning, it wasn’t so scary.

When you shoot in JPEG, what the camera does is compress the file. Finalizing it and not giving you wiggle room to edit an under or over exposed photo or adding vibrance without making the picture look blurry and pixelated. A RAW file isn’t compressed so it gives you so much room to edit the exposure, the color, etc. I could have a very under exposed photo and still make it look decent. Same thing with over exposure.  That is why I’m glad that I started using RAW from the very beginning.


This photo is a JPEG version of the Straight out of Camera. It was shot in RAW originally. It’s a little bit under exposed.


This is after editing it in Lightroom.






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